Golden Dolphin's business is located on the beach of Alykes where you can rent new speedboats.

Each of our boats has been selected with strict criteria but also with emphasis on ease of use and especially on safety and reliability

A typical day trip with one of our comfortable and modern boats can evolve with to a life experience with truly unforgettable moments.

Explore the northern part of the island from Alykes to the enchanting beach of Navagio. On your way you will meet many beautiful parts of the coastline such as Xigia, Makris Gialos, Mikro Nisi, the port of Agios Nikolas and the Blue Caves which are famous for their clear blue waters. You can also choose places to swim or enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach away from the rest of the world. Admire the unique marine life and beauty it hides or you can go fishing or just take a quiet relaxing cruise. You are the captain! will be the best day of your vacation in Zakynthos!

If you are lucky you can see dolphins and sea turtles.

There is no obligation to have any form of driving license. Our staff immediately provides basic training in all instruments and handling of the boat. Also, any questions regarding the hire or the boat will be answered on the spot by our staff.

But if you do not prefer to drive either due to no experience or because you do not want we can offer you an experienced and reliable captain to offer you a beautiful and unforgettable route